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CatholicAdNet connects Catholic sites with relevant, clean advertisers targeting highly-engaged Catholic consumers online.
With more than 400 of the world's top Catholic sites in our publisher family, we are the digital gateway to reaching Catholics online in the places they organically and regularly visit.

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CatholicAdNet is a division of CleanMedia, LLC. CleanMedia was founded by Robert B. Trussell, Jr., the retired founder and CEO of Tempur-Sealy International. He has served as a member of Tempur Sealy International's Board of Directors or its predecessors since 1992, and has served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since April 2006.

Bob is currently involved in numerous Catholic evangelization projects and is chairman of Catholics Come Home Inc, Catholic 365 LLC, and Real Life Radio 1380AM & 94.9FM (Lexington, KY's only Catholic Talk Radio Station).

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