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Connect with hard-to-reach Catholic audiences through our exclusive, curated network of the world's top Catholic sites.

Your one-stop solution to reaching Catholics online.

Top 400 Catholic sites

Our curated publisher network allows marketers to reach in-demand and hard-to-reach audiences on more than 400 of the world's top Catholic sites.

One simplified platform

Reach customers on hundreds of Catholic publisher sites from one platform and through one contact.

Audience-based marketing

Place your message directly in front of receptive and relevant Catholic audiences interested in products or services like yours. ​

Real-time results

Manage campaigns automatically or manually, optimize in real-time and precisely control where your ads appear. ​

How Much Does It Cost?

You are in control and set your own budget

With CatholicAdNet you decide how much you spend on your campaigns. Our platform is bid based and fully self-service, so you actually set your daily budget and your bid (either CPM Cost per 1000 viewable impressions or CPC cost per click). Also, there is no minimum ad spend or time commitments on your campaigns, you can start or stop them any time.

CPC or CPM Bid Types

CPC bidding means you pay for each click on your ads. In CPC campaigns, you set a cost per click bid and that's what you pay each time someone clicks your ad.

CPM bidding means you pay for each 1000 times your ad is actually viewed. In CPM campaigns, you set your bid based on ad views and that's what you pay each time 1000 people see your ads.

Daily Budget and Bid

Your daily budget specifies how much you're comfortable spending each day for your Campaign. You can adjust it anytime.

Your bid specifies how much you're willing to pay for a click (CPC) or for each 1000 times your ad is viewed (CPM)

Campaign Dates

You set your start and end date for your ad campaign and your ads will automatically start on the start date and automatically end on the end date. Since CatholicAdNet is a self-serve ad platform you can always stop your ads manually anytime, or if you want to ads to run continuously you can leave your end date blank and it'll run until you stop them.

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Innovative Ads To Get You Seen

In-View Display Ads
All ads on the CatholicAdNet platform are 100% viewable so you can be assured that your display ads will be seen by a real person.

In-View Video Ads
Our CatholicAdNet viewable video ad units focus on keeping content in-view. Since we work directly with our websites you get the best posible CPMs by cutting out the middlemen.

Native Style Ads
In content native ads will be coming soon for our advertisers.

High Impact Ads
Do you have a high impact HTML5 ad that you want to run? We can support that too.

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Why CatholicAdNet?

Attract more customers

CatholicAdNet reaches millions of Catholic and family-friendly visitors per month.

Right message Right people

Targeting Catholic and family-friendly consumers.

Real-time Optimization

CatholicAdNet offers real-time optimization and stats to maximize your ROI.

Advertise locally or globally

Target your ads by city, state, country or worldwide.

Under-served Market

Many Catholic and family-friendly sites have not accepted ads in the past.

Set your own budget

Start advertising with a budget that works for your business.

Your very own control center.

Our CatholicAdNet dashboard is a simple self-serve platform for managing campaigns, monitoring performance and tracking your ad spend.

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